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Nightingale for Breakfast?

We thought we knew a fair amount about Florence Nightingale, but we didn’t know that she had her own breakfast dish named after her. Kedgeree was a very popular meal for the Victorians, who adapted the Indian dish of khichri by adding fish and eggs and serving it as a hearty breakfast.


Charles Elme Francatelli was chief cook to Queen Victoria herself, later becoming chef at the Reform Club. In 1861, he published The Cook’s Guide and Housekeepers and Butler’s Assistant: A Practical Treatise on English and Foreign Cookery in All Its Branches. This contained his recipe specially concocted to honour Florence Nightingale:

Fry the boiled dry rice with a little fresh butter, nutmeg, pepper and salt ; and when quite hot, add the whites of three hard-boiled eggs shred fine, and the white parts of a dried haddock ; pile all this up lightly in a hot dish ; strew over the cone the yolks of the hard-boiled eggs previously rubbed through a wire sieve, and mixed with a little grated Parmesan cheese; garnish the rice round the base with fried croutons of bread push in the oven for five minutes—just to slightly colour the surface of a golden hue, and serve immediately.

Please let us know if you fancy creating this dish as we’d love to know what it’s like!